Giving you Responsible Lending peace of mind !

About Us

Lend Assess is an Australian designed and created system to help you meet the requirements of Responsible Lending. It can be a tricky and daunting process to make sure that you do everything correctly to avoid the hefty repercussions of getting it wrong! This is where the unique Lend Assess system comes into play. You can efficiently and effectively break down a customers Bank Statement into categories and then the system uses that expense and income information to help you determine if the customer reaches affordability parameters to give you piece of mind in writing your credit contract. 

Our Team

Our team has over 10 years experience in the credit industry. We have been doing consumer lease contracts with customers for over 10 years and have dealt with multiple ASIC investigations that have helped to refine a system that ticks all of the boxes. 

The CEO of Lend Assess has 40+ years business experience across multiple fields including 15 years in the Consumer Leasing industry. This has provided an 'on-the-ground' perspective of what the system needs to accomplish and has been critical in making sure the system ticks all of the boxes that ASIC expects for a company following the Responsible Lending Obligations. 

The CFO of Lend Assess has an Accounting Degree and experience in both Chartered Accountancy and Banking. This unique view means the system takes into account more accurately how people move money around and what elements the system can be taken into account to make logical sense and ensure the data is accurate. 

The rest of the Lend Assess team has originated themselves also from the Consumer Leasing industry with varied other backgrounds in Marketing, Operations, Systems Management and Admin. All of these perspectives within the Credit industry have helped to create a system that takes everything into account. Everyone has single handling played a part in dealing with ASIC and has experience with Responsible Lending - this is how you can be sure that Lend Assess is the system you need and accurately calculates affordability within the requirements.